SView introduction


019-03-21 13:47:16

SView is a light-weight 3D visualization tool for CAD models. It not only allows users to inspect and examine 3D models in a comprehensive yet easy way, but also supports multiple features like model assembling, explosion, 3D annotations, section and measuring, etc. Besides, it can be used in many creative scenarios such as collaborative meetings, 3d assembly process simulations, CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) and IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual). After processing CAD generated models, core information in PLM such as PMI, product BOM structure and attributes, are kept intact, and through embedded deployment, these information will contribute towards creating a complete visualized solution covering product design, process planning, manufacturing, quality inspection, marketing and customer services. Available on Windows, android and iOS devices, SView aims to achieve 3d visualization for a wide range of industries.